Top 7 Android Rooted apps must be installed in rooted Android Phone 2017

Top 7 Android Rooted apps must be installed in rooted Android Phone.

There is a concept called rooting; that actually gives users Admin access to Android based phone and hence opening up a plethora of possibilities for your Android device.

Top 7 Android Rooted apps

After rooting you can not only install custom ROM but also put those Apps that usually not allowed by manufacturer or requires superuser access.


Rooting your Android device is an attempt to unleash its full potential, break it free of the chains that bind it. The main reason why we Root any Android device is to install cool Apps which otherwise cant be installed when you do not have the Superuser Access. In this post we will present you a comprehensive list of 5 Android Apps which anyone should definitely have on their Android device.

*************Top 7 Android Rooted Apps*************

1 Lucky Patcher:

Top 7 Android apps must be installed in rooted Android devices 2017

Ever tried getting paid apps and games for free ? Lucky Patcher will help you in getting paid apps and games for FREE! Lucky Patcher helps you in cracking and patching paid games and apps for free. You can hack games like Clash Of Clans etc.


BHIM is a UPI based payment app which helps in paying and sending money from one account to other free of cost. Bhim app was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi this year. You can download and know more about BHIM app by following below link.
Official Website:

3. Titanium Backup:

Top 7 Android apps must be installed in rooted Android devices 2017

The Titanium Backup app itself proves worthy of its name as it can make backups of entire applications together with all of their associated data. If by any chance you unable to install custom ROM on your phone chances are you lost all of your data and information. But if you get Titanium Backup app it will not only retrieve all the lost data but deleted apps and their settings as well. The app can also delete some unwanted data like Bloatware or pre-installed useless apps as well.

4. Wireless Tether for Root Users:

For those  people who are generous enough to share their wireless data plan, Wireless Tether works wonders for the tech-savvy roadrunner. Basically, the app turns your phone into a wireless access point for anyone nearby to stay connected to the Internet. The app is quite useful in situations when you are out of town and you have several gadgets that need to stay connected over the Internet. Download the Wireless Tether for Root Users app free from the Android Market.

5. Screenshot

The Screenshot application for your Android phone is a another good application for taking screenshots in Android, works only on devices Rootes, to program a delay in seconds before capture, we can choose between the capture format. Bmp, Png and jpg and these catches are saved in the path: / sdcard / screenshots /. Download the Screencast app for free from Android market.

6. SetCPU for Root Users:

SetCPU to change the CPU clock (overclock or underclock) on your G1, ADP1, Magic and Galaxy. You’ll increase performance significantly or to obtain a gain in battery life. For some versions of devices, it is necessary to give permission “superuser”, check “remember” and press Allow. If the application crashes, press Home and then rerun SetCPU. Download SetCPU from Android market.

7. ROM Manager:

This is probably the most important App for any Rooted Android Device with custom ROM. ROM Manager helps you keep the ClockworkMod Recovery up to date for your device. You can flash your ROM, launch it for the first time, make Nandroid Backups, and manage them by deleting or renaming it.
Moreover you can also directly download updates of your custom ROM directly from the ROM Manager into your device. Hence you can easily install and update your custom ROM if it is supported by the ROM Manager. ROM Manager is available as the free version and also the paid version is too available which is priced around $ 6. Download free version or paid version.

Top 7 Android Rooted apps must be installed in rooted Android Phone 2017
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