Tekken mobile game coming to Android smartphones

Tekken for Android phone
Written by Ashish Patel

Tekken mobile game coming to Android smartphones

About Tekken

Tekken is the fighting game which is published by manco entertainment in 1994. This game was the most popular games in fighting section. Tekken was one of the 1st fighting game at the time to use 3D animation. Many of new game publisher copy this game in their own style but Tekken always is on top. Manco entertainment was also published many series (tekken1,2,3,4,5,6,7) every year.

Tekken for Android phone

As we all know that Tekken was the best fighting game in the end of 90’s. We used to play Tekken on our video game console which was connected to our TV via audio-video cable. According to the leaks and rumors, Tekken game is also coming for Android operating system users. As per the leaks, Tekken game comes with a new player and some high-end graphics.

Full Detail

According to leaks and rumors in the end of this year, this game will launch. You can also register for this game on their official site. This game only supports android 4.4 KitKat and above version of Android OS. As per the leaks, this game will also announce for iOS users. If you don’t like these fighting games so can find popular blackjack games online. Tekken company Manco entertainments also invest $500 million in a new game industry with different games concept like other fighting games. This new Android OS Tekken version comes in approx 60 to 90MB in size and after installing it will take max 135MB from your storage. You can also play this game in the low budget segment smartphones because this game doesn’t need any flagship processor to runs this game. Manco entertainments(Tekken Owner) also plans to launch lite version of this game only for non-flagship devices.        

Tekken for Android phone         

Manco Entertainment also discusses their future plans in the games industry. They also planned to this Tekken game for virtual reality (VR). You can play this game in your VR headsets by making some gestures or moves. They also invested $100 in other gaming companies to make their solid base in gaming industries. If we talk about iOS version so, we don’t have any information about this yet. 

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