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How To Save Your Phone’s Battery While Gaming

Save Your Android Phone’s Battery While Gaming
Written by Ashish Patel

How To Save Your Phone’s Battery While Gaming

In this Guide, You will be able to Learn How to Save Your Phone’s Battery While Gaming. So Today we are here with a Guide on Save Your Phone’s Battery.

Our mobile phone batteries tend to annoy us at times when you least expect it. For instance, a “low battery” notification when you are in the middle of watching your favorite video or when you have reached a high point in your favorite game. The last thing you want is looking out for a plugin point to charge your phone whenever you get a low battery warning.

Save Your Android Phone’s Battery While Gaming

Battery life has always been a cause of concern for manufacturers and users alike. On an average, most smartphone batteries are capable of lasting for only a day or two on a standard charge. While we can only wait for better technology and alternatives to come our way when it comes to mobile batteries, the only alternative until then is to conserve and preserve our phone battery’s life. In this post, we look at some of the effective ways to conserve our mobile phone batteries while gaming:

Turn off the vibration

As much as phone vibrations help you identify incoming calls and messages when you necessarily need to keep your phones silent, it is in your best interest to turn them off and rather use ringtones to keep your battery functioning for a longer duration. Vibrations are great for situations when you wouldn’t be able to use your cell phone. The truth is that vibrations actually use up more power than ringtones. Smartphone devices have to spin a small vibration motor every time your phone buzzes which can really drain your phone’s batteries. If you cannot really do without the use of vibration, then make it a point to keep it minimal by reducing its magnitude.

 Dim the brightness of your screen

One of the easiest and the most effective solution to prolong your phone’s battery life is too dim the brightness of your screen. In most phones today, this is done automatically which adjusts the brightness level. You can also consider tuning the brightness permanently to the dimmest levels which would make it possible to play games without straining your eyes. If you are looking to grab the best deals on electronics and tech gadgets then be sure to visit Halfords 50% off discounts here.

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Shorten the screen timeout

Another good way to increase your battery is to shorten the screen timeout on your phone. This feature decides how long the phone screen will remain lit after you have finished interacting with it. Many of us do not follow the practice of locking our phones after using it which lets excessive consumption of the battery. Keeping the timeout shorter will ensure that the phone doesn’t waste any power when you use it. You can set this on your phone manually selecting the screen timeout. This usually ranges from 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can set this to a minimum of 15 seconds if there is no input or activity on your phone. The lower the timeframe the better will be your battery level on your phone.

Use an Adblocker

If you spend much time with your phone playing games then consider using ad blockers as this is one of the easiest ways to make your battery last longer. This has long been in debate in the tech circle with some believing that it a source of ad hoc revenue for publishers and a nuisance for phone users. Ads are just another form of online content that uses resources and your smartphone needs to download these ad images and videos to display them which definitely requires energy. Using an ad blocker will help you save precious battery time on your phone without the need to come across annoying ads which have become a prerequisite for almost every game available across Google Play store.

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 Activate the airplane mode

One of the more effective ways to save battery on your phone is to activate the airplane mode while playing games. Airplane mode on smartphones was actually created to prevent phones from interfering with airline communications. Switching the airplane mode results in ensuring a longer battery life for your phone. A test done on Android and iPhones smartphones enabled battery saving to a tune of 54%. The only serious disadvantage of this method is that you lose the ability to communicate with other devices so you will have to forego text messages and calls for a brief period of time until you remove the flight mode from your phone.

Disable your wifi or cellular signal

You can always opt for disabling your wifi and phone signal when you are playing games on your phone. This will ensure no annoying pop-up ads on your phones and you can enjoy your game without any interruption. Unless you need an active internet connection, it is advisable to disable wifi and regular phone signal on your phone as it will help save battery and ensure the longevity of your battery life.
So there you have a comprehensive breakdown of the 6 best ways to save your phone’s battery while gaming. Be sure to try these handy methods today.

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