How to recover deleted contacts from Moto X

How to recover deleted contacts from Moto X

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? In our previous blog posts, we have been continuously discussing recovering data from computers and iPhones but today we will be talking how to recover deleted contacts from Moto X or any other Android smartphones.
Contacts are obviously one of the most critical and important parts of our lives that we cannot live without even a day. Our contacts list contains all the cell phone numbers, email, addresses and other private information for our friends, families and colleagues that we try to get connected with every day. So, it is highly recommended to backup your contacts to Google account or computer in case you lost them.
But if by some accident or malfunctioning on your phone caused a sudden data loss on your phone before you could back them up then indeed it’s a great troubling situation. But fear not, in this post we will show you how to recover deleted contacts from Moto X and make your day better than ever.
Unfortunately, there is no in-built tool available on Moto X or any other Android smartphone that offers to recover deleted contacts at all. However, in this tutorial, we will introduce you to a great desktop data recovery tool that can restore deleted contacts or any other data from your Moto X phone within minutes.
TunesBro DiskLab for Android is the most powerful and innovative Android data recovery program that can retrieve any kind of deleted data from your Android phone. Not only it can recover erased contacts from your phone but you can also recover photos, music, videos, documents, apps and other personal stuff by thoroughly scanning your device from top to bottom.
It is certainly possible to recover deleted items from your Android phone because even if you erase or factory reset your phone, it actually stores the deleted items to its cache reserved memory and it only deletes the links from your files so that they don’t appear to your phone in physical state. TunesBro DiskLab for Android helps to re-attach those missing links and recover the deleted items within seconds. Let us list down the top features of Tunesbro DiskLab for Android to highlight its features.

Top benefits of DiskLab for Android

⦁ Recover any kind of data if you accidentally delete them or if data loss occurs due to system crash, factory reset or virus attack.
⦁ Recover data from both internal and external memory.
⦁ Restore over 40+ types of data including photos, videos, contacts, messages, documents, apps, etc.
⦁ Data recovery on other electronic devices such as a laptop, USB flash drives, cameras, etc. are also supported.
⦁ Preview data before recovering them so that you can selectively restore the necessary files only.
⦁ Trusted and reviews by thousands of satisfied customers.
⦁ Dedicated support available all the time.

How to recover deleted contacts from Moto X with Data Recovery tool

Step 1. First, head to and download the latest DiskLab for Android on your PC. Run it after installing the software. Next, connect your Moto X phone to computer and enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

Step 2. Hit the “Start Scan” button and let the program analyze your complete phone. This may take a while depending on the size of your memory storage unit.

Step 3. Once the monitoring is finished, the software will show you all the deleted stuff on the main user interface of the tool. Hover to the contacts tab and select all the contacts names that you wish to recover. Finally, hit the “Recover” button and save the contacts on your computer.

Finally, copy the contact information on your Moto X phone and open the Contacts app to see your old contacts list again.


In this tutorial, we have shown how to recover deleted contacts from Moto X using DiskLab for Android. But remember, it is supported in over 5000+ Android smartphones and models and is eligible to recover data from all of them. In the future, backup your entire phone on a weekly basis to avoid any data loss for your own benefit. But even after that if any kind of data is lost then you can, of course, use data recovery tool to get them back in no time.

How to recover deleted contacts from Moto X
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