Jio Monsoon Offer: New Plans, Even More Data!

Reliance Jio had extended their Dhan Dhana Dhan offer even further – and will probably be named as Jio Monsoon Offer. Although Jio has not announced the plans formally, these plans have already been put up on their website.

Let’s check out the Top 5 Jio pre-paid monsoon plan under this offer.

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 149 Plan

If you do not consume much data, then this is the plan for you. The plan offers 2GB data with a billing cycle of 1 month. Normally, this Rs. 149 plan offered only 700 Mb of data, which has now increased to 2GB. After you exhaust the data limit, the speed would be reduced to 128 kbps.

Free calling, roaming, STD calls, all Jio Apps and unlimited SMSes are included in all the Jio pre-paid plans!

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 309 Plan

Under this popular 309 plan, you will get 1GB 4G data per day for 2 billing cycles. Overall, you will get 56GB of data with a cap of 1GB per day. After you exhaust the data limit, the speed would be reduced to 128 kbps. Jio has essentially doubled the data offering on this plan. The normal 309 plan is valid for 28 days (1 billing cycle), but you are getting the same benefits for 56 days (2 billing cycles).

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 349 Plan

This is a new plan that Jio has introduced in the Monsoon offer. In this plan users will not get 1GB per day, however, they will be able to use 20GB of data over 56 days. This is good for users who do not consume data of daily basis. The plan allows you to use any amount of data on any data as long as overall usage does not cross 20GB in 2 billing cycles. All rest of benefits remain same!

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 399 Plan

This is another plan that Jio has introduced. It offers exactly the same benefits as Rs. 309 plan (1GB per day), but it gives you the benefit of 3 billing cycles instead of 2. Overall, you get 84GB of data with a 1GB cap on daily use!

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 509 Plan

If you are a heavy data user, this plan is for you. This plan offers 2GB of 4G data cap per day for 2 billing cycles. So, in all, you get 112 GB of data!

Here are all the prepaid plans

Prepaid Plans For New and Existing Customer of Reliance Jio.

If you are a postpaid user of Reliance Jio you have a total Number of 5 plans –

1) 309,

2) 349,

3) 399,


5) 999.

For 309 plan you get 2 months validity and 1GB of data per day. For 349, you get 20GBs of data without any daily cap for 2 months. 399 plan offers 1GB data daily for a period of 3 months, while the 509 plans is same as 309, but offers double the data (2GB per day). The 999 plan offers you 90GBs of data for 2 months without any daily data cap!

Jio Monsoon Offer: New Plans, Even More Data!
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