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Filmora is Best Software for Video Editing

Wondershare Filmora is Best Software for Video Editing

Today, we’re going to talk about a software that will change your video editing game forever.

Before that, ask yourself. Have you ever thought of editing a video?


You’ve been watching your favorite YouTubers and you must have thought of starting a channel on your own, right? Video editing is indeed a tough task, It involves processing clips, adding sounds and cut/paste other clips.etc

But, Do not worry, this software will change things forever.

Yes, We’re talking about Filmora.

Filmora is one such software which has made video editing an easy job. By easy job, we mean, a breeze.

It has a ton of features which makes your job even easier.

Let’s discuss them:

Ease of use:

Yes, editing is a tough job. That’s why we’ve listed “ease of use” as the primary feature. There are many video editing software in the market, But we’d give Filmora a 10/10 in the ease of use category.

Even the person who hasn’t edited a single video in his life can master filmora in just a couple of hours.


Filmora has a host of creative features that will bring out your creative side.


We all know how easy it is to edit pictures using filters, either on Instagram or using our favorite Candycam.etc

Imagine having filters in your video. Won’t it be amazing?

Filmora has a ton of filters and graphic overlays to transform your video.

Text and Titles:

You can add/remove or modify text and titles using Filmora. These may include, Title text or video openers, which will keep viewers hooked to the video.

Also, you get lower thirds as well, like the one which comes on TV!

Motion Elements:

Filmora allows the user to drag and drop motion graphics into the user’s video. Just dragging and dropping, that simple.


At times, you may have to combine two different videos into a single video. Filmora has a cool collection of transitions which will combine two videos seamlessly.


Imagine watching your favorite movie or your daily soap, without music. Won’t it be boring with just the dialogues?

Yes, Music comes into play over there. Filmora has an inbuilt collection of free to use music which you can use them in your videos.  From slow music to fast, made by real artists, you’re sure to find one that suits your liking.

Effects Store:

This is the benchmark feature that separates Filmora from the rest. Filmora has a range of effects in its in-house effect store, that range from Travel to entertainment, filters, title, movie effects.etc

They are available in the Effect store on Filmora and are both free and paid as well.

These effects span all categories and will give your video a professional edge over others.

Other Basic Stuff:

There are a ton of other basic features such as:

4K Editing Support

As the name suggests, No matter what the quality might be, Filmora handles 4K videos as well.

GIF Support

GIFS are everywhere, from your Android keyboard to messenger and WhatsApp. They’re also available in Filmora too.

Noise Removal

You don’t need a separate software to manage your audio as Filmora removes background noise from your audios as well.


It allows the user to reverse the sequence of the whole video. Haven’t you seen in movies? The guy jumps into water from the platform and the clip reverses and the guy goes back to the platform?

Yes, it’s the same reverse feature used in movies.

Social Import

Sometimes, there might be instances where the video isn’t saved on your device but is saved in your FB profile. You need not worry as Filmora will import it directly.

Precision Speed Control

Who likes to do time-lapse videos?

Yes, we all love to do timelapse, but what if, the time-lapse video can either be made faster or slower? With Filmora you can play with the speed of the video.

Frame by Frame Preview

Filmora allows frame by frame, jumping through the audio and video tracks correcting one at a time.

Color Tuning

White balance and dynamic range are two important factors for a video. Filmora allows color tuning, by allowing you to tweak them.

Pan and Zoom

Let’s say its a still footage and you have an interesting object to focus on. Filmora will allow you to zoom in the video, focusing on that particular object and then zoom out.

1:1 & Portrait Support

Filmora also supports editing or Portrait videos. It cleanly handles 16:9 and 1:1 ratios.

So, these are some of the basic features of Filmora.

Oops, did we forget the advanced features?

  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Audio Mixer
  • Advanced Text Editing
  • Green Screen
  • Screen Recording
  • Split Screen
  • 3D Lut
  • Video Stabilization

and a whole lot more which we want you to experience it by yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Price…


This is where you guys will be like, OMG.

Any guesses?

A video editor which has these many features would surely be priced at 7-8K right?


It costs $39.99/Year for one pc. Also, If you’re skeptical of how the software works, you can simply go download the free trial version and experience Filmora yourself.

If you like it, we’d recommend the $59.99 package which is a lifetime license for one pc. Also, If you’re a student, you can avail up to 60% more discount by going to this link:  Holiday Sale 

Filmora is Best Software for Video Editing
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