How to Enable Dark Mod on YouTube

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube
Written by Ashish Patel

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube. So do want to know How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube?  If yes then you are at the right place.  So Today we  are here with guide of How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube.

Whats is YouTube?  Why We Should Enable Dark Mode on YouTube ?

YouTube is the second  largest Search after Google. Every day millions of videos are uploaded to it. Why We should Enable Dark Mode On YouTube??  The eyes suffer when we brows YouTube at night due to that color of YouTube interface.  So  Google has secretly added a new Dark Mode feature to YouTube and in this article. we will guide you How to Active Dark Mode On YouTube.

  • Pre – Requirements 
  • This will work on PC, Laptop Only.
  • You Need Latest Version of Google Chrome.

Steps to enable Dark Mode on YouTube. 

#1 :-  So First of all open Chrome Browser –> YouTube.

#2 :- Once you are on YouTube Page Press – CTRL+SHIFT+I and you will be in the console. 

#3 :- Then you need to paste the line that is given down below.


How to Enable Dark Mod on YouTube 


#4 :- So Just copy it and paste in the console.

#5 :-  Close the console and press – CTRL – F5  to reload YouTube. Once YouTube Reloads.

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You will see some changes in the design.

#6 :- If you  are logged in, Just click on Profile Picture and there , You will see Dark Mode Option, Just you need to enable it.  If you are not logged in,  just go to 3 dots option on the top right and select the Dark Mode Option.

So guy that the all guide for Enable Dark Mode Features in the YouTube.

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