Download VirtualXposed APK for all Android Devices {latest Update}

Download VirtualXposed APK for all Android Devices: Customizing Android is always fun. Unlike iOS or any other mobile OS for that matter, Android is not complicated. You can customize your device the way you want with custom icons, wallpapers, mods, and a lot more.

If you want to customize your device beyond the limits, then rooting is the only option. Well, not anymore! You can customize your device, the way you want with Xposed.

Well, now you might think, Xposed is for rooted users. Yes, you are absolutely right. But that is where VirtualXposed comes into action. Using VirtualXposed, you enable a few working Xposed modules without root.

Sound interesting? In this post, we are going to discuss everything about VirtualXposed and we will also discuss how you can download VirtualXposed APK for Android Devices. 

If you are not planning to root your device or unlock its bootloader, well, I will not blame you. But let me tell you that you cannot find any other alternative for VirtualXposed. If you are wondering whether this is a working version or not, or official or not, then let me tell you that this is an official version.

If you are not aware of what Xposed Framework, in general, is capable to do, using this framework you can customize the Android functionalities from a basic level to a high as well as you can personalize your device as much as you can. You can modify the settings system-level and get the maximum out of your device using the framework.

The implementation here is more or less like Magisk was to enable the requires modules at any set of time. Xposed is famous around the globe, but Rovo89, the man behind the project paused working.

What is VirtualXposed?

As mentioned earlier, after Rovo89 has paused Xposed, a Chinese developer who goes by the username Weishu started his project under VirtualXposed naming.

To make things even clearer, VirtualXposed is an application that creates virtual spaces where one can run the APKs as plugins, and in these spaces, you can also run the Xposed Modules without having the root permissions or bringing in any modifications to system files.

With that being said, this way you can run and use your favorite Xposed Modules without having to root the devices and even unlocking the bootloader. This application is based on the Epic and VirtualApp for processing the required hooks.

All the aforementioned are open-source libraries and Epic has been inspired by Xposed to hook into their own Java methods in the apps.

This application further uses the Exposed to load the Xposed Modules and some basic services. VirtualApp develops a container to install APKs and apps from the system.

When you download and install the application for the first time, you feel like you have downloaded and are using a plain launcher. Well, if you have that impression you are right, it is a Launcher3 application which is a default launcher in various custom ROMs.

Permissions Required to use VirtualXposed APK

  1. All the necessary Android permissions need to be enabled in order to run the VirtualXposed application. The reason for this that apps that run inside the VirtualXposed need the permissions.
  2. Also, there is a permission manager — ‘XprivacyLua’ in the VXP using which one can adjust the permissions for a specific application using a toggle.

Download VirtualXposed APK Latest Version for All Android Devices

Well, you can download VirtualXposed from below. With time there have been many changes in regards to the VXA.

Now with the latest versions, you can also install Google Play Services in it using the MicroG Project. Not just that, you will also get the Yalp store once you install MicroG on your VXP.

   Download VirtualXposed APK

Install VirtualXposed APK on All Android Devices

  1. Download the VirtualXposed APK from the link mentioned above.
  2. Once downloaded, navigate to the download section on your phone and when you will be asked to allow from this source or enable unknown sources, and hit yes
  3. Tap on the VXP APK to install.
  4. Once installed on your phone, open the application and allow all the permission it asks.
  5. That is all, you have installed VXP on your phone now.

Process of Installing MicroG

MicroG is the light version of the Standard Google Play Services. It comes in a size it is as small as 2 MB and one can install these services directly from the settings of VXP itself.

I mean, you need not download it separately, it is an all-together package. To install MicroG, follow the below-mentioned steps…

  1. Navigate to settings from the launcher home. Once done tap on Advanced Settings and go to the Install/Uninstall Google Services.
  2. Here, you can confirm to install.
  3. That is all. Now you can add any app that needs GMS Core for running properly.


That is how you can download VirtualXposed APK for Android Devices. If this post helped you to download VirtualXposed APK for all Android Devices, show us some love by sharing this article with your friends and family to whom this post can be useful. Now that you have done that, it is time for me to bid you adieu.

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Happy Androiding..

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