Bluff My Call APK Download Latest – 2021 {100% working}

Hey people, In this article, I will be sharing with you a great app similar to the spoof card app. The app is bluff my call app. So, in this article, I will share everything about this bluff my call app.

At the end of the article, you will get full details and an idea about bluff my call and you will also learn how to use it. You will also get the APK Download link of the Bluff my call app.

What is Bluff my call app –

As the name suggests, Bluff my call app is a fake caller id generator app or we can say fake phone number generator app. You can use this app to prank purposes with your friends and family members.

It can be used for cold calling in tech giant companies and telemarketers companies for their marketing purposes. And also you can use this app for fun purposes and business.

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There are many ways to fake phone numbers from this type of apps to call but some are paid or some are just not useful and do not work properly. So, I think you should check all the reviews of this type of prank phone numbers apps before using it.

Bluff my call can be used as a fake phone number generator. The app has decent and rich and also useful features to play with. You would love to use this app if you try this once.

The app is also used to do pranks with friends and family members or you can make your girlfriend fool with this app also. And that’s entertaining to fool your girlfriend (if you are afraid of her and want to irritate your girl hahahaha.. big laugh)….

Bluff my call app is free to use and it has lots of features that you would like to use. It offers features like caller id change, voice change, and many more. The best part is you can download it for free and also use it for free.

Now, let me provide you features of the bluff my call app before providing the APK Download link.

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Features in detail –

  • Change your caller id – You can change your caller id with this phone number generator. You can change your phone number when you call your recipient. You can actually set any number that you want to set so that your real number can not be visible to anyone.
  • Change your voice – You can change your voice and you can also choose from male voice and female voice. By changing your voice you can make fool to your friends. So that no one can recognize whose calling from another side.
  • Free to use – This app can be downloaded free from App Store and play store and use can also use it for free.
  • Record your calls – bluff my call offers this great inbuilt feature also. If you are spying on someone with this bluff my call app then this feature can be very useful to you. This feature can be useful to get proof while spoofing calls.

Download Bluff my call APK – 


How to use bluff my call app?

You can use this app by following just 3 steps. And the steps are mentioned below. You just need to follow the following steps and use this app easily. So, please follow and enjoy using this app.

Steps –

  1. Select your recipient to whom you need to call.
  2. Enter the prank phone numbers that you want to display to your receiver.
  3. Select your voice to choose from male voice or female voice.

And enjoy this app.

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Who can use this bluff my call app?

  1. Telemarketer – Telemarketer who are calling for their product sell or offers they can use this app not to reveal their original phone number.
  2. Call centers – Call centers that are calling for providing support to customers
  3. As a prank phone number – You can use this app to prank your friend and family by changing voice and spoof calls.

Final verdict –

The app is beautifully designed with great and easy-to-use features. You can use this app without any technical knowledge because this bluff my call phone number generator provides easy navigation and clear and decent UI to use with.

So, the app is great and the best part is it is free to download and use.

In my opinion this bluff my call is a great package to offer and use without any purchase or paid features.

I think Bluff my call app is a great bundle of features for free.

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Happy Androiding…

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