Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs.50,000

Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs.50,000

Are you looking for Best PC build under 50,000Rs? If yes then you are at the right place.  So i am sharing an Amazing gaming PC build for you guys under Rs.50,000.

Making good Gaming PC which can handle all the latest Games Like Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dog 2 and many more at high graphics with minimum 50FPS in the Budget of Rs.50,000 in not that easy task.

Amazing Gaming PC Build Under Budget of Rs.50,000.

For the best gaming experience, I choose each and every part of this Rig carefully and also take care of little bit upgradations for the Future if you want to update.

Cabinet:- Corsair 100r

So Let’s Start with most important thing, The cabinet for the Gaming Rig i choose Corsair 100r Which cost Rs.3,659 on amazon and have all the Features like Graphics card support up to 400.0 – 120mm Fan on top and front option, USB 3.0. So that is my choice for this Gaming PC Build.

Gaming PC Build

CPU:- Intel® CoreTM i5-6402P Processor – Rs. 15,826 Rs 

This is what i would recommend for the Gaming PC rig. If you want something more then you can go for Intel Core i5 7500 Which cost Rs.16,849 on Amazon.

Gaming PC rig Gaming PC

Motherboard :- Asus H110M-C/S2 or MSI H110M-Pro-VH Plus :- Rs.4500-5500

For Motherboard i choose these three Asus H110M-C/S2 or MSI H110M-Pro-VH Plus. And my personal recommendation goes to H110 series boards.

You can put in a Intel Core i7 7700k, Corsair 32GB Platinum and NVIDIA Titan X along with 4 SATA SSDs on these motherboards and they will run just fine.

Gaming PC

RAM :- Corsair Vengeance 8GB 2400Mhz  OR Crucial 8GB 2133Mhz :- Rs.4500

There are some limitations with Crucial RAM. It does not support XMP. But this will be fine for stock settings. Both are DDR4. 8GB is the minmum for modern day Gaming PC build.

Gaming PC

Graphics Card- GTX 1060 3GB:- Rs.15,424

i choose Zotac GTX1060 3GB Graphics card which is a beast of gaming that GPU has Nvidia Latest G-sync Technology and also VR support So, you can able to play Virtual Reality Games if you wan to and that cost you almost Rs.15,424 on amazon.

Gaming PC


This is all important things done now i am going to tell you about Power Supply, HDD, SSD.

Coming on to the Power Supply i choose Corsair VS Series VS450 to cost only Rs.2,749. For HDD i would recommend 1TB WD Blue Desktop Internal Hard Drive To cost only Rs.3,500.  If you want to speed up you Gaming PC you should add one SSD for that i choose Samsung 750 EVO 120GB SSD Drive Which Cost you Rs.4,299. 

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i5 6402p – Rs.15,526

i5 7500 – Rs.16,849

Gigabyte H110M S2 – Rs.4,369

Corsair Vengeance 8GB 2400Mhz DDR4 – Rs.4,696

Zotac GTX 1060 3GB – Rs.15,424

Cabinet Corsair 100r – Rs.3,659

 Corsair VS450 – Rs.2,749

1TB WD Blue  – Rs.3,695

Samsung 750 120GB SSD – Rs.4,299

Hope  you like it and if you have any question leave comment down below.

Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs.50,000
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