6 Essential Tips to Successfully Pass Microsoft Certification Exams

6 Essential Tips to Successfully Pass Microsoft Certification Exams
Written by Ashish Patel

6 Essential Tips to Successfully Pass Microsoft Certification Exams

Have you been taken several Microsoft certification exams over the years without meaning result? Do not give up over the certifications because you’re very close to your breakthrough. In this article, you will learn some strategic ways you can take to enhance your success in the next Microsoft certification exams. If you can apply them, you will never fail any examination again. Anyway, it is not compulsory that you follow the offered tips&tricks but they are definitely vital for all success conscious candidates.

6 Essential Tips to Successfully Pass Microsoft Certification Exams

Here are six helpful strategies you can apply if you want to pass your next Microsoft certification exams with flying colors:

1.Ensure you know all What you suppose to know.

Obviously, Microsoft certification examinations are very tough and difficult to pass. This is because its syllabus is very wide, and questions are also so tricky that even those who have long years of experience may find it too complex to answer. So, how can you know what will really come out in the exam? Despite your all-night study for the exams, you are still likely to come across some questions you can hardly find in any Microsoft materials. Meanwhile, you have nothing to fear. The reason is that there is a place where you can find the majority of the topics needed to be studied for the certification tests. Microsoft has released the exam description pages for all exam questions. Let these pages become your guide. Try as much as you can to study the depth of every skill in the page even though it is a great task but far better than lacking idea of what you can study for the exam. This page gives you the idea of the mode being used by Microsoft to ask a question and how to answer them.

2.Look for good study materials.

Good materials are very essential for you to excel in your Microsoft certification study. This is not to say that the exam questions will be set directly from the materials but the majority of the patterns on the examinations are covered in depth. This is the reason why a list of skills is very helpful because it serves as guide to the contents you read. In case you lack the ability to take the official course of Microsoft, then there are countless books out there that are helpful for study. You must be very careful to lay your hands on a study guide from the legal source. Most of the main publishers have the study tutorials for the popular exams, and Microsoft Press also have guides for the majority of its exams. Aside that, many candidates make use of the substandard for their exam study. Be very careful because many sites violate the rights of the Microsoft Intellectual Property. If you are caught with these resources, you may be penalized greatly for this.

3.Take Notes.

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One of the simple tricks to pass Microsoft exam is taking notes. Sincerely, if you are able to jot down every bit of strategy in depth when studying for your exams, you will not forget what you have read. Make sure you put down anything that could be an opener for any question in the exam. Although most of what you jotted down may not necessarily come out, yet when you see a question, you can easily remember the answer from those tips. If you can cultivate the act of writing or typing, it will fix into your short term memory. This really works, and quickens your brain to remember all you have studied.


Practice is an integral part of our lives. There are two kinds of practice: exam and technology practices. Realistically, it is very crucial to create and handle a system that you want to take certification exam on. Just like it is very vital to get some test taking knowledge and have a clear understanding about what you should be expecting in your examinations.

Concerning the technology practice, without having any experience here, passing a certification exam will always be a herculean task. For instance, a candidate who have just finished studying for this exam but has never laid hands on the products has invariably despised the certification.  When you know how you can handle Microsoft exam, then it will be much easier for you to pass. There are some reputable institutes that offer authorized practice exams for Microsoft: MeasureUp, Transcender, and PrepAway. You can also check the exam description page at the website for more authorized providers.

Another thing is to use the certification exam as a practice. Use it to evaluate the components of the test, your weak points and knowledge gaps. There is no better practice than taking the exam.

5. Relax.

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It is very possible to pass Microsoft examinations and even for the first time. As you enter the exam hall, there are some things you need to remember, and they include:

  • It is better to skip a question if you don’t know the answer. To miss some questions is not the end of the road to success.
  • It is better not to know how the question will be. Do not be discouraged about the questions that come your way because some questions could be very tough to understand, don’t let this destabilize you.
  • It is good to guess. You cannot be penalized for guessing. If you cannot decode the answer, just try as much as possible to narrow your options and select the one you prefer to be the best.
  • It is not good to be sloppy. As you want to relax and not lose out, it is very crucial to go through every question again and consider them as a possible trick.

6.Try to manage your precious time.

This aspect is very simple. When you start your exam, try to time yourself on each question and do not run out of time. Most candidates fail because they cannot manage the given time. They ran out of time and guesswork on most questions. If you spend a lot of time on a particular question and still don’t have a correct answer, make a guess, mark it and move on. If you still have enough time after the questions are over, you can review them again.

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